Starring: Parker Posey, Paul Rudd, Danny DeVito, Mischa Barton
Writer: Adam Wierzbianski
Director: Billy Kent

The Plot

Source: IMDB.com

Priscilla Chase (Posey) and her husband Jack (Rudd) have a problem: despite having had sex three times a week each week for the 10 years of their marriage, she has never had an orgasm. That leaves her feeling incomplete and him feeling inadequate. He looks for his manhood in the arms of teenager, and she looks for her "O" with the help of a mechanical device. Of course neither finds the answer they were looking for, and continue to search for meaning and fulfillment

The Review

I've spent the whole day trying to come up with something witty about this film. Something that would be well-written and hit every spot needed to hit. I can't. I just can't. This movie inspires nothing from me; another movie I'll forget I would have forgotten I've seen if I didn't have this site.

The OH in OHio is very bland, disjointed, and at 85 minutes feels Lord of the Rings-long. The actors (with the exception of Parker Posey) aren't even trying, and the plot you would think it has it doesn't. 20 minutes in it becomes two different movies and gets very...unneccessary. The movie is just uneccessary.

I will not rate it below The Ugly Truth. I refuse. It's just mediocre and if you like mediocre, then see it. Not even Danny DeVito will save your viewing.


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