Starring: Danny McBride, Katy Mixon Andrew Daly
Created by: Jody Hill/Danny McBride/Ben Best


Kenny Powers (McBride) was once a famous star baseball player after helping the Atlanta Braves win the World Series with his fastball. After many trades and deteriorating talent, Powers eventually burns out and leaves baseball. He returns to his hometown years later and moves in with his brother Dustin (John Hawkes), sister in law Cassie (Jennifer Irwin), and their sons. Needing money, Powers becomes the gym teacher at the local middle school at the urging of the Principal Terrance Cutler (Andrew Daly), who is also engaged to Powers's high school sweetheart with a giant rack April Buchannan (Katy Mixon).

When not teaching class, Kenny tools around with his friend Clegg (co-creator Ben Best) doing drugs and his obsessed new assistant/music teacher at the middle school Stevie Janowski (Steve Little), trying to make a comeback to the major leagues and has a feud going with Ashley Schaffer (Will Farrell), a local car dealer.

Can Kenny make it to the big leagues? Will Kenny get to see April's giant boobs again? Is Stevie retarded or just crazy? That remains to be seen.


Danny McBride is what the Cookie Monster would call a "sometimes food". While he was funny in Hot Rod, I could not stand him in Foot Fist Way and had no desire to see him in Land of the Lost. Eastbound & Down, an HBO series co-created by him and Foot Fist Way co-director Jody Hill, has McBride doing what he does best: rambling, swearing, being an all around jackass.

The character of Kenny Powers should be unlikeable. He drinks a lot, takes steroids, and swears up a storm to everyone, no matter their age or religious beliefs. He is egotistical, listening to his old audiobook from many years ago as background music when he drives. Kenny Powers is an all around douchebag, but McBride manages to make him likeable at the same time. Sure, Powers is doing bad things and should be condemned, but part of you wants him to succeed and can't help but laugh at the stuff he does and says.

The show itself is full of funny moments and some very unbelievable ones as well. Jody Hill has a specific brand of awkward drug-related and curse-related humor, and it's no different here. Fortunately, it's actually watchable, unlike The Foot Fist Way. The characters are all insane, from Powers to his socially retarded "assistant"/stalker Stevie, to the whacko calm Principal, but they all have their moments and are all funny. John Hawkes as Dustin plays the big brother role well, as the man who knows Kenny is a failure, but can't let that get in the way of their brotherhood bond. He is one the anchors who keeps Kenny from going overboard, protecting him from total self-destruction.

Will Farrell finally finds his funny again as the egotistical and kind of insane Ashley Shaeffer, the BMW salesman who is constantly at war with Kenny Powers. You can tell half of it is improvised, but it's awesome and finally re instills my faith in Farrell as a comedian.

All in all, the show really grew on me. At only 6 episodes, it was a quick watch and it was a giant story split into 6 chapters, many continuing right from where the last one left off. It's a show that is dirty, offensive, and sometimes completely implausible, but you will not be able to stop watching it. I recommend picking it up and at least watching it once through. It will make up for The Foot Fist Way, no problem.

Final Verdict:



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