Nothing to do with this article, but it's always nice to post an Amanda Seyfried picture.
Hey everyone, FC EIC OMG Jon here with some news on the website.

New Rating System: Whilst sitting in class today, I had an epiphany: the rating system we use here does not reflect well on our thoughts on particular films. Hence forth, we shall be using the letter grade system, similar to Entertainment Weekly, Film.com, and your high school report card (with hopefully less F's :-P). We feel this will give us some more wiggle room in terms of our reviews and better reflect our overall opinion. And since I am completely insane and obsessive about how the site looks, for the next few weeks, I will be systematically going through every review and changing the old number grade to a letter grade so everything looks somewhat similar. In other words, I am the George Lucas of film blogging.

Duke Philips is cool and everything, but it's time to get a legitimate banner. I don't know how, so if you would like to do it (for free, but I'll plug your site and give you credit) please let me know by emailing me (found up in the "About" section).

Are You a Web Design Student?:
So if you can't tell, Film Calamity isn't the prettiest of sites, and I was hoping to change that (at least the color scheme). Unfortunately, none of us know how to do any such thing because HTML both frightens and confuses us. That's why we look to you to maybe help us out. If you're a student (or someone who loves doing things for free) and have any ideas on how to change the color or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact any one of us by clicking the "About" section above.

Anyway, that's all that's going on right now, and thank you for reading (if you really are reading, it could just be me looking at everything like the narcissistic man I am).

-Jonathan Sullivan
06/20/2012 02:13

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