Poor Jackie.
What's up FCers (meaning Anna and I probably), it's Jon here with a new weekly feature that will probably be forgotten in a month (but I hope not) called "This Weekend at the Movies", where I chronicle all the new wide-release movies and give my thoughts on its chance of being awesome (because I'm Ashton Kutcher and only know so many adjectives). It's sort of like See/Avoid...but less horrible. Check it out...AFTER THE BREAK.

The A-Team

80's remake/adaptation #1 of the weekend is The A-Team, starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley, and Quentin "Rampage" Jackson as the legendary duo from the hit 80's TV show. The plot pretty much resembles the plot of The Losers, but I'm super excited to check this one out. I've been dying for a popcorn action flick and if anything is going to deliver, it's going to be The A-Team...hopefully. Rampage's portrayal of B.A. Baracus is still up in the air though.

Chance of Awesomeness: 70%

The Karate Kid

80's remake weekend continues with The Karate Kid, a somewhat unneccessary remake of the classic 80's teen movie that made a star (and then ruined) Ralph Macchio. It stars Jacen Smith, progeny of Will Smith (that rapper dude with the ears from that show where he made fun of his uncle's weight), and could go either way. Jackie Chan is awesome, and the reviews so far have either been super positive or horribly negative (El Guapo at the Latino Review tore it to shreds); but you know me, I'll watch anything not starring a talking dog or involving Katherine Heigl. At the very least, the China scenery should be pretty. I do feel awkward that Jacen Smith is way more built than I am. Self-esteem doooown.

Chance of Awesomeness: 50%

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Guy G Haas
06/12/2010 09:51

Funny you mention you're dying for a popcorn action flick. Looks like i'm not the only one realizing this fact too: you barely see shoot em up type action movies so much these days. Last ones i saw were Taken and From Paris with Love. Both Luc Besson movies. I know there's gay shit like avatar, but i'm not talking about gay ass shit like that. I mean shooting Steven Seagal kinda stuff. I'm looking forward to The Expendables


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