Looking at the new releases this week (yeah yeah I know one got released Wednesday, sue me), I have already decided to take a week vacation from movie-going. Why exactly? Well, check out what wide release "gems" are available for your consumption this weekend AFTER THE JUMP.

Knight and Day

Let's start with the one that has already been released; Knight and Day, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, came out already this past Wednesday because apparently people are that excited to see this. Me? Not so much. I'm not sure on the plot, but it involves Cruise being a rogue spy and Diaz falling in love with him, then they go on the run, and probably make "funny" quips to each other the whole way around. Admittedly this looks a lot more entertaining than Killers, but so is head lice and even I wouldn't go through that aga...for the first time. Everyone else though, considering the other new release this week, this should probably be your best bet; the action scenes may actually deliver and Cruise/Diaz is like infinity steps up from Kutcher/Satan(Heigl).

Chance of Awesomeness: 30%

Grown Ups

No. Just...just no. Grown Ups, the latest Adam Sandler comedy starring him and his friends, looks about as painfully unfunny as other Happy Madison films. From what I gather, Sandler and Co. (Schneider, Spade, James, and Rock) used to be super best friends growing up and they decide to reunite one summer along with their families to catch up on old times and do some embarrassing attempts at physical comedy. The trailer alone is enough for me to know that there is absolutely no way I will enjoy this. I love stupid comedies, but Grown Ups looks insultingly stupid. If there is one bright spot, it's David Spade; not that he'll be funny in this but he's funny in general and I always have the urge to support him when I can. Not this time though.

Chance of Awesomeness: 10%

Are you gonna see any of these, or are you going to watch Toy Story 3 for the 800th time? Comment below!

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