Dinner for Schmucks stars Paul Rudd as a big time corporate guy who, in order to get a promotion, has to attend this dinner that all the big corporate people have. The craaaaaaaaazy catch is that he has to bring the weirdest guest so all the normal guys can make fun of them and the most eccentric wins the night. Steve Carell is Rudd's schmuck.

I am seriously on the fence times infinity with this. Thankfully the cast (Rudd, Carell, Gilafianakis, etc.) is good enough to rise above the premise, which is completely stupid and I can already tell you how this movie ends (but I won't for the sake of spoilers). Carell is doing his usual loud guy annoying schtick, but whatever, it makes him money and he's good at it. I also spotted Jeff Dunham in this...ugh. Summer 2010 is not shaping up to be a good comedy season.

Dinner for Schmucks comes out July 23, 2010 and hopefully it's fifty times better than the premise and this trailer make it out to be.

11/11/2010 23:15

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