Dwayne Johnson? In a movie that's not aimed at kids? REALLY?!?! It's time to sound the "about goddamn time" horn because Faster is coming and Dwayne Johnson's about to finally start kicking some ass again. Since it's a teaser, you don't get a real sense of what's going on, but according to the synopsis he plays a guy named Driver (...I regret the about time thing) who gets released and prison and is going after Billy Bob Thornton for revenge. I guess. I don't really care, because I'll see the shit out of this for two reasons: 1) I'll follow The Rock wherever he goes and 2) I don't have to see him babysit a kid.

Faster gives Dwayne Johnson his man card back when it comes out November 19, 2010.


guy g haas
07/19/2010 20:15

now that's my kinda movie! I hope it's straight to video! You see Stone Cold has anohter one coming out called "The Stranger"?


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