When I think of movies that should have spin-offs, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is never one that comes up. Yes, the movie was funny, but do we really need a movie based solely around the obnoxious rock star Aldous Snow, played by Russell Brand in the original movie? Apparently Hollywood thinks so, so here we are, with the trailer for Get Him to the Greek. According to the trailer, Jonah Hill's character (not the same as his Forgetting Sarah Marshall role) has to get Snow from London to L.A. to play the Greek. This assignment is handed down to him by his boss, who is played by Puff Daddy. Hill has 72 hours, and has to deal with Snow's crazy party life and get this assignment completed so he can move up in the music world.

I'm mixed about this movie. Russell Brand annoys me to the tee and while Aldous Snow worked in small doses before, I don't know if I could sit there and watch a whole movie around him. Still, there are some funny parts to the trailer and it is the same director as Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Jason Segel, who wrote that film, does not write this though, so the humor may be completely different), so I'll hold out hope. I could use a good comedy during the summer.

Get Him to the Greek comes out June 4, 2010


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