Wow. I was trying to figure out why the studio behind Jonah Hex had waited so long to release both the poster and the trailer; now that I've seen the trailer, I know why. This looks...really bad. Like really bad. I mean, I'm all for a crazy action movie and everything, and I will be seeing this, The story sounds completely ridiculous and Megan Fox had me frowning through the entire watch.

At the same time, since Jonah Hex is one of my favorite comics of all time, I'm probably just getting myself in a fanboy anger over this. This does not correctly capture anything about the character whatsoever, and all these supernatural elements don't feel like they fit (although Hex has gone through some crazy stuff in the comic realm). Jonah Hex feels like a disaster waiting to happen.

If you love trainwrecks, or don't have the fanboy love I do for the character, Jonah Hex will be hitting theaters to no fanfare June 18, 2010. To that I say...good luck.

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