Megamind is the long in development animated film from Dreamworks, previously known as Oobermind. Will Farrell is the voice of the main character named, erm, Megamind who apparently a funny snarky villain. The plot centers around his life when his arch nemesis is finally vanquished, but you wouldn't know it from the trailer. Instead, you get a blue guy being all goofy to an AC/DC song. In other words, this looks generic as hell, but the voice cast (Farrell is joined by Tina "I made Ponyo awkward for Jon" Fey and Brad "Jon needs to stop sending me naked pictures" Pitt, among others with less interesting nicknames) is pretty solid and The Invincibles have forever made me want to see every superhero kids movie ever just so I can go "well, that wasn't as good".

Megamind comes out November 5, 2010 and the jury is still out on if it'll be worth the money. If you're a parent though, you probably don't care and if you're a kid, you especially don't care.

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