The Scott Pilgrim graphic novels are awesome. Edgar Wright is awesome. Combine them together, and in theory, you create one hell of a movie. If I am to judge it based on this trailer...I CANNOT FREAKING WAIT. It's like a live action comic book and looks like it'll do the comics justice. Michael Cera, who I usually do not like, looks like he'll fit into the role well, even though he'll obviously be awkward. After seeing the teaser poster and now the trailer for the movie, I can say with complete reckless abandon...I am on freakin' BOARD!

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World comes out August 13, 2010.

03/25/2010 18:35

bland! i mean egg! i mean ann! (this looks good)

03/26/2010 20:25

I haven't watched a trailer this many times since Doctor Parnassus


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