As a big fan of Bruce Lee, I have seen my fair share of Green Hornet TV episodes from the 60's. In the same campy vein as the Adam West Batman (including a crossover!), it may not have been good as the Caped Crusader's show but it definitely had some great moments. Most of them involving Bruce Lee, of course. Bruce Lee. Just had to say it again.

If I am to go by this 2 and a half minute trailer, the film version of The Green Hornet doesn't look to be as fun. Sure, there are some jokes in there as well as some fight sequences, but...I don't know, it feels like it's missing something. Still, it is only a trailer and I am a fan of Seth Rogen's work, so I'm going to hold out hope that this won't be as boring as it looks. It doesn't need to be in 3D though, that's obvious.

The Green Hornet comes out January 2011.

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