Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock as two badass cops? You know, The Other Guys looks like it could be pretty...oh yeah Will Farrell and Mark Whalberg are in it. Crap. Watching this trailer, I couldn't help but think of how funny everyone else is and how unfunny they are. Farrell is doing his usual schtick, while Whalberg continues to show up in movies and making me instantly stop caring. The plot seems to revolve around Farrell and Whalberg who are two desk job cops who get a case and try to be as cool as Jackson and The Rock (IMPOSSIBLE), but instead they mess stuff up the chagrin of the audience, succeed in the end, becoming even more awesome than Jackson and The Rock. There, I just gave you the whole movie.

Negative thoughts aside, there is no doubt I will end up seeing this, but not for the two leads. Jackson, Rock, and MICHAEL FREAKING KEATON will be hilarious enough to sustain sitting through this team up...and if I hear one more film writer say this'll probably be a good version of Cop Out, I'm going to slap someone in the face. They look completely different from one another.

The Other Guys comes out nationwide August 6, 2010.

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