Are you ready to get smurf'ed? After watching the one minute teaser for The Smurfs, I'm not. Although there is really not much here (some monuments turn blue, brief clip of the Smurfs arriving York City) to go on, my initial gut reaction is to avoid anything having to do with this movie if I can help it. Since it'll be in 3D (provided it's still cool in 2011) and aimed at children, families will end up going anyway because that's what they do. It's sad, but it's true, and although I hope for better, I understand parents don't have the time or the ability to keep their kids from being dumbed down.

The Smurfs will be out sometime in Summer 2010, filled with fart jokes and fish out of water jokes. Usual mumbo jumbo.

06/20/2010 20:25

looks like the alvin and the chipmunks. just take cgi characters that used to be classic cartoons and see how they react to modern day real life. GARBAGE


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