Normally, whenever I see that Jennifer Aniston is going to be in a movie, I turn and run as quickly as possible in the other direction, and I never have to hear from it again (ahem Love Happens). However, Hollywood has finally found a way to get me to actually want me to see a movie with her involved, and that movie is called The Switch.

Aniston is playing a woman who is artificially inseminating herself and Jason Bateman plays her plutonic best friend. After a mess up involving the original sperm donor of Aniston's (played by Watchmen's Patrick Wilson), we fast forward to seven years later where Bateman sees her kid and realizes that it may be his. He was too drunk to remember.

I was initially turned off, but the idea of the film sounds pretty intriguing and Bateman is capable of doing some decent dramatic work, which looks like will be stretches of the film (including his brand of comedy of course). I just wish Aniston was in it...I feel like she'll be the weak link.

The Switch comes out August 20, 2010.

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