Voices: Christopher Meloni, Tricia Helfer
Writer: Alan Burnett
Director: Lauren Montgomery

The Plot

Source: HelloMovies

While under the tutelage of senior Green Lantern member Sinestro (voiced by Victor Garber), test pilot Hal Jordan (Christopher Meloni) learns that key members of the intergalactic police squad are conspiring to destroy the organization from within. Despite his inexperience, Hal sets out to thwart the traitors and preserve the Lantern Corps' sanctity. Michael Madsen and Tricia Helfer also lend their voices to this animated sci-fi adventure.

The Review

In the past few years, after the success of their live action films, both Marvel and DC Comics have started animation divisions and released straight to DVD films featuring some of their greatest characters. In the Marvel Vs. DC fight, DC has come out the victor. Featuring top notch animation and voice acting to Marvel's cheapness all around, DC has released some excellent animated features like Justice League: New Frontier and Superman: Doomsday. Green Lantern: First Flight is their latest, but out of the three that I have seen, it is definitely the weakest.

Being that social interaction scares me, I have been quite the comic book nerd, but for some reason, Green Lantern has never interested me. A dude summoning powers from a giant lantern of the green variety and policing space with other Lanterns from around the universe just sounded so...so...lame. I was hoping this movie would change my mind, but change it it did not. I laughed through this whole movie, rolling my eyes at the plot and the characters. For some reason, unlike Batman or even The Flash, I can not take Green Lantern and his mythos seriously. It's kids fare, through and through, regardless of the PG-13 rating it did not deserve whatsoever.

Don't get me wrong, the production is excellent. Meloni does a great job as Hal Jordan and the animation and other voice actors are top notch. It's just...it's not the way they should have went. If they decide to do another Green Lantern movie, they should base more on Jordan and Earth-related issues, not on space and the ridiculous creatures that make up the Green Lantern Corps (example: a SQUIRREL with a NEW YORK ACCENT is a member of the Corps. Seriously.)

Hardcore GL fans will probably dig this more than I did, as I don't care about GL and its storyline whatsoever. If you want a good DC cartoon, watch Justice League: New Frontier or the old Batman: The Animated Series cartoon. Don't waste your time with this.


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