As excited as I am for The Expendables, upon repeated viewings of that trailer, I have deduced that it probably won't be the cheesy 80's style shoot em up I was hoping for. The A-Team, the adaptation of the popular TV show that launched the career of the iconic Mr. T, looks like they will be doing the honors. I loved the first trailer, but it was nothing more than a teaser. This one gets a bit more in-depth, and reveals more of the plot (which kind of sounds like the plot to that Chris Evans movie The Losers). They were convicted for a crime they didn't commit, they break out, they want revenge...and other whacky hijinx ensue. Plus, Sharlto Copley pulls off a sweet Southern accent.

From the looks of it, The A-Team has got the crazy ridiculous action scenes and humor that I was hoping for, and I'm crossing my fingers the best stuff wasn't just in the trailer.

The fingers come uncrossed, when The A Team comes out June 11, 2010 FOOL!