Writer: Jonathan Sullivan
Original Post-Date: 9/7/2009
Sometimes, I lay and bed and question my manhood. I love girls, don't get me wrong, but some of the things I am into just make me wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Romantic comedies are one of these things. I love them, a lot, and far more than any man really should. Movie love is so much more interesting and desirable than real-life love and watching these movies puts a smile to my face and makes me think that someday, I will date a girl like this. However, if you watch as many of these films as I do, you realize just how bad some of them can be. For every Love Actually, there's about a dozen Ugly Truths. There are very few really well-done romcom's (kill the director!) in Hollywood. The best, in my opinion, is Three to Tango, released in 1999.

Quick plot synopsis: Oscar Novak (Matthew Perry) is an architect who is trying to land a big job. The boss, Charles Newman (Dylan McDermott), mistakens Oscar to be gay and asks him to look after his mistress, an artist named Amy Post (Neve Campbell). Naturally, sparks fly.

I know, it sounds generic and it sort of is. Here's why I like it: it is actually funny. Written by some of the people responsible for The Adventures of Pete and Pete, the movie is a laugh riot and holds up really well. Matthew Perry uses his Chandler persona in his portrayal of Oscar, but it has never been better here. All his jokes land, all his awkwardness is in tact and really amazing. His best friend and partner Peter Steinberg (Oliver Platt) is also an absolute highlight as the actual gay member of the team. Usually, gay people are stereotypes in film, used as the sassy comedic relief. Not here. Steinberg is gay and you don't think otherwise, but it's not over the top or really in your face. Platt does an excellent job and has the two funniest lines in the movie.

The rest of the cast is great too. I usually don't like Neve Campbell, but you really fall in love with her character. She's just straight up cute. Dylan McDermott, who I don't know very well, plays a great douchebag boss and deserves more film roles.

The movie itself does get pretty cookie cutter and it's obvious what happens at the end, but the film itself is so fun and so funny you don't care. It's also very pro-gay and has some really decent things to say about homosexuality in 1999-era America.

Film Calamity brethren: WATCH THIS. Preferably on a nice relaxing evening with your significant other.

You can buy Three to Tango at Best Buy, or online at Amazon.com. You can also rent it on Netflix.

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