Hey FC readers, it's your fearless leader Jonathan Sullivan here with some site updates for you!

-Video Games: Yes, that's right, I've decided to start throwing video game-related material on here in an effort to make the "Film" in Film Calamity completely useless and dumb. I'm going to start with reviews first (old AND new), and then if I can attract some people to write (or make videos), I'll expand. These reviews will not be added to the Review Archive.

-Wait? Review Archive?: Yes, Review Archive! If you click the "Reviews" button at the top of Duke Philips, it takes you to a list of all film/TV reviews ever put on this site. They are organized by grade, so you don't have to waste time and find out if I actually loved St. Trinian's as much as you (hint = I didn't).

-Features Restructuring: I'm also fucking with the "Features" section. By fucking with, I mean I'm going to separate "Lists/Rants" and delete some articles I don't like (ones I wrote). I'm also going to announce some new features as well that will be sporadically updated when I find time.

-WRITE FOR THE SITE!: Although our readership hasn't really grown as much as I'd hoped (I take responsibility, my writing is spotty), I want to add writers. Fresh faces, fresh views, different styles of writing. Hell, if you want to do video stuff, even better! Just email me at jon@filmcalamity.com with a sample of your writing and we'll get things rolling.

That's all for today. Until next time, stay frothy kids!
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