Film Calamity is on Team Facinelli.

With this being the weekend of OUR INDEPENDENCE DAAAAAAY (copyright Bill Pullman), the studios are kicking their movies out early so instead of concentrating on the weekend (I'll be working at the theater...I COULD HAVE BEEN AT A BARBECUE!), let's see what we got coming this week...AFTER THE BREAK of course.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (6/30)

If you're a pre-teen or a crazy cat lady, you're already ready to check out Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight Saga. It's already selling out midnight shows across the country, as people begin lining up and camping out like a bunch of Star Wars nerds to watch a horribly written love story that may or may not make your daughter into an easily abused doormat.


If you couldn't tell, I'm in no way wanting to see this. I watched the first Twilight and it was hilarious, but there's no way I'll watch any of these again. This is not my series, and to be honest, I think the fandom is unwarranted but whatever.

Chance of Awesomeness: .5% (non-fans)/ 100000000000000000OMGHOTTTTTTTTTT%(Twilight fans)

The Last Airbender

Released a day later, The Last Airbender is an adaptation from a cartoon that is supposedly awesome, but something I have never watched and never wanted to. It's written and directed by M. Night Shaymalan who is in desperate need of a hit again after the failure of his last few movies, and this'll probably make a boat load of money. It's got action, some pretty interesting effects, and they retrofitted it with 3D so even if it sucks it'll still make a huge amount of cash anyway. I'm intrigued to see what this is all about; the trailers made it look ridiculously lame but compared to what else comes out this week (and the crap that came out last week), this is my best moviegoing bet since I didn't like Toy Story 3 enough to ever watch again.

Chance of Awesomeness: 60%

Are you on Team Edward or Team Little Kid Who Bends Air? Let us know!

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