In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, Robert Rodriguez debuted the trailer for his upcoming film Machete on Ain't It Cool News. Machete was initially a fake trailer created to supplement the 2007 duel release Grindhouse, to give the audience the feeling of being at a real 70's grindhouse theater. Now, Rodriguez has created a full-length movie and judging by the trailer it looks freaking awesome.

It has the same general look and story of the first trailer, retaining the same voice over. It surrounds a mercenary known as Machete who is double crossed when on a mission to assassinate an anti-immigrant corrupt politician (Robert De Niro...seriously). The movie follows his path to vengeance. So not only do we get some crazy violence,Robert De Niro having the most fun he's had in years, but we even get a shot of Steven Seagal in a SWORD FIGHT with Machete!

I loved the concept of Grindhouse when it was released in 2007 and Machete was one of my favorite trailers. I am pumped to see this when it releases September 3, 2010. Here's hoping they have some more fake trailers this time around as well.

05/07/2010 11:02

Come on! You liked the Machete trailer better than Werewolf Women of the SS?

05/07/2010 22:18

I said ONE of haha, Werewolf Women of the SS was up there too. Fu Manchu is a character that needs exploring.


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