Since the Saw series is finally being put out to pasture (I love the movies, but there did not need to be so many), I guess Hollywood is looking for their new yearly Halloween event. Their answer? Paranormal Activity! Made with a budget of 15,000 dollars, it grossed a ridiculously huge amount of money and was loved by horror fans around the world. Except me, because I didn't see it. It looked about as exciting as The Blair Witch Project and how fondly do we look back on that now? Exactly.

Still, you might care so here's the teaser. It strokes itself (and you) off by saying that it became a hit because the audience demanded it to be. The power is in your hands, this is YOUR franchise! Then we get a glimpse of what's gonna happen in the new one. I don't know what exactly it is since I didn't see the first film, but I'll assume it has something to do with it. Or maybe not, sequels aren't really made with continuity in mind, just dollar signs.

Paranormal Activity 2 comes out October 22, 2010 and there will probably be more to come until the studios realize beating that dead horse isn't going to buy them another platinum sink.


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