The Adjustment Bureau was not even close to being on my radar, but the trailer played before Robin Hood and now I'm excited. The story follows Matt Damon's character, a politician, who falls in love with Emily Blunt (and who wouldn't?). All of a sudden, he is kidnapped and a group of people tell him that he is going "off-plan". Turns out that we don't control our lives, these people do. Damon decides that he loves Blunt so much that he doesn't care, so he goes on a mission to find her and to stick it in the face of this group of people, letting destiny get back into his hands like it should be.

This concept is really intriguing, and I haven't seen a Matt Damon trailer that actually made me want to watch (Green Zone? Really?!?). This, however, has definitely got my interest. However, it carries the stigma of being released in September, during the dead period for movies. Still, some gems exist in this time and this may be it.

The Adjustment Bureau is released September 17, 2010.

05/18/2010 20:07

Epic sci-fi romance! Awesome!

04/25/2012 00:02

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